Kassiopeia – KAYAM – Fuchsfeld ~ Lichtung Köln

Kassiopeia – KAYAM – Fuchsfeld ~ Lichtung Köln
Donnerstag | 19. April 2018 | 19:30 Uhr

KAYAM im club
KAYAM are a sibling duo from Israel. They grew up in England, Germany and Israel but take their musical inspiration from all over the world, and bring it into their live performance. Kim sings plays the Celtic Harp, Mike plays guitar, sings and builds the loops with guitar percussion / beatbox. The songs are dynamic and atmospheric and there is room for improvisation on stage. The music genre is called Falafel Pop which is a fusion of many different genres, chickpeas and much love.
→ https://kimandmikemusic.wixsite.com/kayam

„Though the chosen lyrical themes are rather severe, her voice soars up like a giant bird with a sound uncoupled of the gravity of their songs.“ Kassiopeia is a musical project fueled by lyrics and music written by Lina Farah. The focus of most Kassiopeia pieces is Lina’s unique voice, which is at times anxious and frail but can also be angry and fierce. The exceptional harmonic progressions, combined with the melodies and lyrics, lead to numerous moments of surprise and unexpected twists. Soul and art pop entwine with mystical vibes.
→ www.kassiopeiamusic.com

→ https://soundcloud.com/fuchsfeld

Eintritt: Der Hut geht rum <3