The Dirty Denims NL / Alice D & The Wildflowers NL

The Dirty Denims NL / Alice D & The Wildflowers NL
Samstag | 1. Juli 2017 | 21:30 Uhr

Power-Pop / 60s-Psychedelic-Beat-Explosion

This foursome, consisting of two sexy rock chicks and two sweaty guys, play hardrock, rock&roll, powerpop, with a slice of punkrock. They sound like a mixture between AC/DC, Joan Jett, Blondie and The Ramones. Cheerful energetic songs with loud guitars and an occasional organ every now and then. No ballads for The Dirty Denims! When playing live they are at their best; an energetic spectacle of a band that exudes fun, audience participation and not taking themselves too seriously!

Alice D. And The Wild Flowers are the newest psychedelic beat experience from Holland! What started as a recording project turned out to be working live as well.

Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21:30h, Eintritt: 8€