Laust Sonne (DK) | Köln

Laust Sonne (DK) | Köln
Mittwoch | 21. Juni 2017 | 20:00 Uhr

RECKLESS ist die dritte Single aus Laust Sonne’s internationalem Debut-Album „Relations“, das im September 2016 veröffentlicht wurde.


„Reckless“ ist ein lebendiger, sehr eingängiger und radiofreundlicher Popsong, der erneut Laust’s grosses Songwriting- und Producer-Talent beweist.

Einlass: 20 Uhr
Eintrittspreis: 10€

Between the 19th and 21st of June 2017 well established and much liked Danish singer/songwriter/musician Laust Sonne will be on a mini tour in Germany. He will be visiting Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne with his great live show, where he will play a full set including all tracks from his much acclaimed international solo debut ‚Relations‘ as well as a selection of his greatest hits.

His current single ‚Reckless‘ has just been released globally, and is an up-tempo piece of high quality international pop.
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